Used Ultrasound Systems & Equipment, Used & Refurbished Ultrasound Transducers & Probes, Refurbished Used Ultrasound Peripherals, Ultrasound Spare Parts, Ultrasound Supplies and Ultrasound Repair Services. We Host Ultrasound Dealers in all phases of Diagnostic Ultrasound.
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Used, refurbished & pre-owned diagnostic medical ultrasound systems, equipment, machines, peripherals, transducers, probes, parts and accessories sales, service and repair.
Shop here for an ultrasound systems dealer before you shop for your refurbished or used ultrasound systems & equipment!

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Ultrasound Systems & Equipment Dealers

Refurbished, reconditioned, pre-owned & used diagnostic medical ultrasound systems & equipment distributors, dealers and brokers. If you're looking for used ultrasound systems, refurbished ultrasound equipment, 3D & 4D ultrasound systems, color Doppler ultrasounds, black & white or portable ultrasound machines, you will find a dealer here!

  Ultrasound Systems & Equipment Dealers...

Ultrasound Transducers & Probes Dealers

New & used ultrasound transducers and probes for performing abdominal, breast, cardiac, cerebrovascular, endoscopic, fetal, gynecology, musculoskeletal, OB/GYN, obstetrics, pediatrics, peripheral vascular, reproductive, urology, vascular & veterinary diagnostics and ultrasound imaging.

  Ultrasound Transducers Dealers...

Ultrasound Peripherals Dealers

New & used ultrasound peripherals such as cameras, monitors, phantoms, printers, VCR's & accessories.

  Ultrasound Peripherals Dealers...

Ultrasound Spare Parts & Replacement Parts

Looking for ultrasound spare parts or ultrasound replacement parts?

  Ultrasound Spare Parts & Replacement Parts...

Ultrasound Repair Services

Does your ultrasound system need repairing? Maybe all you need is some annual preventative maintenance. Look here for companies that repair in the field and in their shop.

  Ultrasound Repair Services...

Ultrasound Supplies Distributors

Check our list of ultrasound supplies distributors for ultrasound gel, paper and other consumables.

  Ultrasound Supplies Distributors...

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